About Me

Coming from a family in the amusement business, I wanted to share and market my family’s homemade amazing funnel cakes. Not really understanding the process of online sales and marketing, I attempted to learn how to do this. Unfortunately, I found myself discouraged by the process and others who didn’t understand my passion. On top of that, I was hindered by a pandemic that forced us all indoors. That was when I decided to share my daily adventures with others with my Facebook page.

My page has evolved over the years and I have learned so much. After doing some live crafting, I became involved with wonderful people doing the same sort of thing. By joining with them and attending a business retreat, I now understand the online process and audience so much more. With my ever-expanding knowledge and confidence, I will be using my online presence to continue my online crafting as well as sell my funnel cake mix and share the process of restoring my historical home. I look forward to sharing my journey with you